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radio and digital

Advertisers need to reach consumers where they are, and today, more than 60% of consumers’ daily media time is spent interacting with digital or radio. With an integrated advertising approach, you can manage cross-channel advertising processes, budgets and objectives holistically, reducing inefficiencies that might come from having to work with multiple teams or platforms.

Why should you add digital campaigns to your airtime with BAS Broadcasting?

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Save time with a consolidated approach

We will seamlessly handle your airtime and digital needs from one platform, one process and one team.

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Save costs

Reduce overall fees and improve ROI by consolidating airtime and digital campaigns through one vendor.
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We know our community

We will collaborate with you to define an integrated advertising campaign that meets your goals and will resonate with members of our community.
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Cover awareness to purchase

Share a consistent brand message across media channels to reach consumers throughout their buying journey.

Digital Campaigns

Targeted display

Static or animated banner ads in various sizes shown to people on computers and mobile devices.


Video commercials played before, during or after content shown to people on computers and mobile devices.

Geofencing and Video geofencing

Display or video ads shown to people within a defined virtual fence and on devices with location services enabled.

Connected TV (CTV)/Over-the-top (OTT)

Video commercials are played before, during or after long-form content on televisions or internet-streaming devices.